Language Quality Assurance

This service includes checking created, revised and translated texts for correctness of the content, language, style and regulatory requirements. Our project and quality management will coordinate the implementation of the individual safeguarding steps that have been agreed with you. We will also be glad to advise you about the various possibilities for quality assurance and about specific regulatory requirements in the individual target countries.

Our quality management will conduct the following checks on each of your projects:

  • Completeness check
  • Spell check (MS Word for MS Office formats)
  • CV-based suitability checking of the technical translators used

In addition, our quality assurance offers the following possibilities:

  • Extraction of terminology from reference material
  • Test reading of your text by representatives from the target group (testing for comprehensibility, cultural acceptability and general use of language)
  • Checking of terminology against your defined internal specialist terminology
  • Checking standards for regulatory requirements
  • Review by a second specialist translator to ensure correct reproduction of the content
  • Use of CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, which are defined together with you
  • Checking formatting
  • Comprehensibility testing of German and English source texts based on scientific methods and procedures with the language software TextLab from H&H Communication Lab GmbH - Institute for Comprehensibility
  • Sentence control during layout services